At Dietl International, our mission is to provide you with the safest, most efficient service possible.
We pride ourselves on offering a broad range of fine art and logistics solutions tailored specifically to our
customers' needs; our staff will work closely with you to deliver optimal results for every transaction.

Services we offer:

- Door to Door Logistics
- Air Freight and Ocean Freight
- Ground Transportation
- Free estimates
- Logistics planning
- US Customs brokerage and bonding
- Airport and tarmac supervision
- Packing and crating
- Storage and viewing rooms
- Installation
- International presence
- A network of field agents
- Shipment tracking
- Consultation
- On-site art handling and supervision
- Condition reporting
- Coordination of traveling exhibitions
- Collection management
- Courier services
- Insurance
- ATA Carnets
- Restoration, framing and related services
- On-call 24/7 service

Dietl International’s credentials include:
- IATA License:
Approved agent for all major airlines.

- TSA Security Endorsement:
Approved by both the FAA + TSA as a “secure” indirect air carrier capable of determining “known shippers”.

Bonded and licensed in domestic surface transportation by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration.

Only freight forwarding member of the US Council of International Business and the only freight forwarder sanctioned by this Department of Treasury body to issue ATA Carnets directly from its offices.

- Insured:
In addition to our various bonds, Dietl International, through its parent Rock-It Cargo LLC, maintains high levels of liability, errors and omissions and international transport insurance.